Books On Casinos Written by Canadian Authors

Books On Casinos Written by Canadian Authors

The casino scene of different countries varies. The laws and regulations of the casino industry in Canada, for example, are different from that of the U.S. Here are some books on casinos written by Canadian authors that will help you to know about the casino industry in Canada.

The Law of Charitable and Casino Gaming

By – Donald J. Bourgeois

This is a comprehensive book on gaming legislation in Canada. Here you will learn about charitable gaming, horse racing, and government gaming. The book is all about regulatory compliance. In this book, you will find an analysis of the law and regulations of casinos in Canada.

The author has more than 25 years of experience in the casino sector. The readers can get a good understanding of the casino laws in Canada, illegal gaming activities, lottery schemes and licensing horse racing, and more.

Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law: Gaming Sector

By – Jeff Simser, Rob Kroeker

The gaming industry has become very challenging now. The book focuses on gaming law and anti-money laundering in Canada. The casinos are struggling to comply with the regulations set by the government. The government, in turn, is under a lot of pressure too. They need to set up a sound practice to prevent any terrorist activity.

The book will give you an understanding of the gaming operation environment in Canada and how the legal framework and anti-money laundering requirements can intersect.

Casino State: Legalized Gambling in Canada

By – James Cosgrave, Thomas Klassen

The cases of legalized gambling in Canada have improved in the form of casinos and electronic games. Canadians now gamble on sites like Canadian online casino. In this book, you will know about the legalization of gambling in Canada and the consequences.

These books will give you an idea about the current casino industry in Canada. You will know about the legal casinos and the games they offer.